What is a Class 5 Felony in VA? According to the code of Virginia §§ 18.2-9 through §§ 18.2-11 outline the classification for both misdemeanor and felony offenses. There are four different classes of misdemeanor offenses in Virginia, which comes before felony classes. Class three and four misdemeanors offenses are punishable with fines only while … Read more


Reckless driving is never risk-free. It is vitally important to be aware that speeding not only endangers the life of the driver but also to all the people around the driver. Reckless driving in VA consequences include: Increased fuel consumption High possibility of losing control of the vehicle Less braking capacity Psychological consequences due to … Read more

Reckless driving VA out of state

Spending time with your family and friends is always fun, even more, when you head out of your city or state for vacations or holidays. It is always a safe idea to go via airplane, but it is always adventurous if you decide to bring your car with yourself and ride around the country. Leaving … Read more

Virginia, personal injury attorney

Virginia Personal Injury Attorney If you have faced any injury or suffered any harm because of the rashness or carelessness of another person in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is in your greatest advantage to search out the help of devoted Virginia, personal injury attorney. The lawyers are knowledgeable in the case procedure, statutes of … Read more

Virginia DUI attorney

DUI Charges and its Attorneys in Virginia When you are convicted with the DUI, then you are on the verge of having the misdemeanor class 1 criminal charges. You will be having a criminal record once you are charged with the misdemeanor class 1 category and the repeated offense of DUI may put you in … Read more

Accident lawyers near me

In order to deal boldly with your accident matter with as minimum pain as possible, here are x effective tips by well-versed affordable accident injury attorneys near me:  Of course, be patient. It involves a transition and adaptation because it requires taking on new obligations. The important thing is to be patient and slowly recuperate … Read more

Drug attorney in Virginia

Virginia Drug Attorney Criminal drug charges in the territory of Virginia result in either lawful offense or wrongdoing punishments upon conviction, contingent upon a few variables. These elements incorporate the sort and amount of controlled substances required, and in addition whether the litigant is blamed for having the drugs for individual utilize, dissemination or deal. … Read more

The circumstances for getting a third DUI offense in Virginia

If you have received your third Virginia DUI, then probably you might be facing some severe penalties in the future including driving license revocation, fines, and jail time. For saving yourself from DUI charge in Virginia, it is advised to consult an experienced DUI defense attorney in Virginia. Hire your defense attorney and tell him … Read more

Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Culpeper Virginia

Accidents are a standout amongst the most awful things to occur as it leaves a man harmed and in a unpleasant injury. In the event that a man has been basically harmed in a mischance, he/she subsequent to getting the fundamental therapeutic consideration should utilize the administrations of individual damage lawyer who can document a … Read more

Sexual Abuse against Child under 15 Maryland

What is Sexual Abuse? Sexual abuse is when a person does sexual activities with a child or a minor. If any person who tries to get involved with a minor (under 18), the convicted person will be charged with the child abuse or child sexual assault case. Any person who is found being involved in … Read more