Classification of Felonies and Sentences in Virginia

There are total six felonies in the code of Virginia. Class 1 is the most serious and contains harsh punishments, penalties. Then Class two to six go down as per the crime and the charges. It’s not necessary that the crime only falls into one category, often there are cases which fall under more than one felony, and the charges get double as per the felonies. Here are six felonies described:

  1. Class 1 Felonies

Class 1 is considered the harshest felony there is because of the crimes. It has the most serious penalties, punishments, and fines. If you are over the age of 18 and do not have any incompetent mental issues, then the Court can sentence you to death under the felony 1. Class 1 crimes can result in 20 years in prison and a fine up to $100,000. The major crime which falls under the felony 1 is murder.

  1. Class 2 Felonies

Class 2 felonies include serious crimes as well but less than Class 1. Although the punishments can be very severe and harsh, too. Aggravated wounding (intentionally or deliberately causing someone injuries or disabling someone) leads the line of crimes included in Felony 2. This felony can cause a criminal in jail up to 20 years and $100,000 fine.

  1. Class 3 Felonies

Discussing the class 3 felonies, you will realize that the penalties and punishments can exceed the similar level of Class 1 and Class 2 felonies. Why? The difference between them is the crime which is committed. Class 3 felonies crime include malicious wounding (intent to kill, disfigure) according to the Virginia Law. The fine can lead up to $100,000, or the criminal can be sent to jail for a maximum of 20 years.

  1. Class 4 Felonies

Class 4 felonies are the stage where the punishment maximum leads to 10 years, unlike other 3 Felonies where maximum imprisonment is 20 years. Class 4 contains Pimping as the most serious crime in Virginia. Although the maximum amount of fine will remain same as $100,000 like other 3 Felonies.

  1. Class 5 Felonies

For the class 5 felonies, there are punishments like jail and fine. Wobblers are the main example, extortion, and battery charges as well. This crime will lead you to a minimum of 1 year in jail or maximum of 10 years, or you could be asked to pay a fine maximum of $2,500.

  1. Class 6 Felonies

Class 6 is the last and the least serious felonies among all. Felony 6 includes animal cruelty, violation of court order or reckless endangerment. This felony includes a fine of maximum $2,500, or a criminal can be sent to jail for a minimum of a year or maximum for five years.