Driving Without Insurance in Arlington Virginia

In Virginia, you have to buy car insurance, which corresponds to at least the minimum state insurance requirement of $ 25,000 per person, $ 50,000 for bodily injury for two or more injuries, and $ 20,000 for property damage. Driving without insurance in Arlington Virginia can result in serious fines depending on the situation. If you are found with driving a vehicle without adequate insurance, and if you choose not to pay a fee of $500 for an uninsured vehicle that allows you to drive uninsured vehicle for a certain period of time, you can be convicted of Class 3 misdemeanor and you will be forced to pay a $500 fine. In the certain case, you may also lose your driving license, vehicle registration, and license plates. Driving without insurance in Arlington Virginia can also result in obtaining a three-year insurance certificate (SR-22) in order to keep it as a record.

In Arlington Virginia, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles controls insurance coverage through an electronic insurance verification program. If the Department of Motor Vehicles determines that you are driving without proper coverage, you will be fined for $500, lose your driver’s license and your number will be suspended. Besides, you can be convicted of a Level 3 misdemeanor if you fail to capitulate your license plate and deliberately driving an uninsured vehicle. Moreover, if no liability insurance records found, you will have 30 days to present your insurance certificate before receiving a fine.

In case of driving without insurance in Arlington Virginia, you can also face severe penalties if you do not provide a valid proactive insurance certificate in accordance with the application, for example, at a traffic stop or accident site. For each of the offenses, you are responsible for level 3 misdemeanor if your coverage is insufficient or if the fee for an uninsured vehicle is not paid. A fine for a Level 3 misdemeanor in Virginia means that the driver’s license and vehicle registration rights are suspended, and a maximum fine of $500 will be imposed. In order to keep the rights of driving and vehicle registration, you are also required to pay a fine of $500, purchase the Virginia vehicle insurance, and request your insurer to submit to a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22) registered under DMV at least for three years. Along with this, you will also be responsible to pay a reinstatement fee of $145.

Pertaining to Driving without insurance in Arlington Virginia, Virginia law gives drivers who do not want or cannot afford car insurance, to pay $500 per uninsured motor vehicle to meet their financial obligations and to be able to manage insurance of their vehicles for 12 months. It will not provide sufficient insurance coverage, but it simply gives you a freedom to drive your vehicle without insurance or any penalty.

However, if it is determined that you do not have insurance and have not paid the uninsured motor vehicle fee, the Virginia state legislature declares that you must receive an administrative hearing before it can be punished or suspended. Prior to the moratorium, Virginia motorists have the right to testify at the administrative hearing and explain why the fine should not be applied. Any request for an administrative hearing must be received within 180 days from the date indicated on the suspension notice. Therefore, you must find some legal assistance to avoid any complications and to deal with the cases like driving without insurance in Arlington Virginia with a professional lawyer who can assist you in a better way.