Sexual Abuse against Child under 15 Maryland

What is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is when a person does sexual activities with a child or a minor. If any person who tries to get involved with a minor (under 18), the convicted person will be charged with the child abuse or child sexual assault case. Any person who is found being involved in sexual activity will have long-lasting effects on his/her life; but any person who is found being involved in sexual activity with a minor, there is going to be even more serious consequences. It isn’t necessary to have physical contact while committing child sexual abuse. There are the following situations which are included in the child sexual abuse list;

  • Exposing anyone to a minor
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Forcing the kid to masturbate or masturbating in a kid’s presence
  • Explicit phone calls, explicit texts, or digital interaction
  • Sharing or producing any pornographic material with the kid
  • Sex with a kid of any kind (anal, oral, vaginal)
  • Sex trafficking
  • Any other situation where a minor is getting physically or emotionally, sexually abused

Sexual Abuse of a Minor

In any state of the United States, it is prohibited to abuse a minor physically, emotionally or sexually. Maryland has a no different system and demands the same from every citizen not to abuse any minor. According to the Maryland Section 3-602; the Law does not allow any kind of molestation or sexual exploitation, no matter if the kid sustains any injury or not. It also prohibits any kind of incest, sexual activity in any degree as per the law, rape or any unusual sexual offense.

What’s prohibited? A parent of anyone who has the permanent or temporary custody of the kid isn’t going to cause any sexual abuse to the minor or the kid. Any member of the family or household person aren’t allowed to cause any sexual abuse to the minor or the kid.

There are serious outcomes if a person commits such crime and there is no leverage for such act. Compared to the sexual abuse of a person, penalties and sentences are harsher when it comes to child sexual abuse. Any minor or the kid who experiences any sexual abuse must approach any law enforcement agency or Social Services Administration of the department for the report. Sexual abuse of a minor is a felony crime, and it can cost you heavily. You might end up in jail for max 25 years.