Virginia DUI attorney

DUI Charges and its Attorneys in Virginia

When you are convicted with the DUI, then you are on the verge of having the misdemeanor class 1 criminal charges. You will be having a criminal record once you are charged with the misdemeanor class 1 category and the repeated offense of DUI may put you in felony criminal category. The code of Virginia has several DUI and related charges, including:

  • Driving a vehicle or operating a boat while being intoxicated.
  • Having an open container of drug or alcohol in a vehicle, you’re driving or a boat you’re operating.
  • Denying for a breath test for blood alcohol concentration.

If your blood alcohol concentration test or other drug/alcohol test shows that you were intoxicated while driving or operating a boat, it will become difficult to avoid a DUI conviction. However, a DUI lawyer can benefit you in several other ways, such as:

  • Appearing in the court on your behalf.
  • Knowing what reasons may influence the outcome of your case.
  • Ensure that you are meeting all of your legal obligations.

If you are charged with the DUI offense, then you need to appear in court to prove your innocence, and being in court without a lawyer can cost you heavily. Especially when you are being charged with the misdemeanor class 1 category and on the verge of opening your criminal record. If you’re convicted, the criminal court will impose penalties for the crime. These penalties vary based on the charge and any prior offenses. For example:

  • The penalties for your 1st offense are:
  1. A fine of at least $250.
  2. Driver’s license revocation for one
  • The penalties for a 2nd offense are:
  1. A $500 minimum fine.
  2. License revocation for three
  3. Up to 1 year in jail.

You can always consult a lawyer, no matter which time you are getting charged. Even if it is your third offense, you can talk to a lawyer and have the right to file an appeal to prove your innocence. Lawyers in Virginia offer a free consultation. You can go for an initial consultation with any lawyer. It is suggested if you are convicted on the second offense or higher, you have to hire an experienced lawyer for better results. When you are on the verge of being a felony six criminal, then you need a solid defense for your case, and an experienced attorney will bring that to your case. Second offense or higher can cost you privileges of driving, your license can be suspended for one year or even more, mandatory jail time for a month or more, and fines can exceed up to $2,500. Any misdemeanor category will turn into a felony six crime if it is continuously happening or in the given period by the court. If you are on probation after you complete your sentence, then you cannot bear to have further criminal charges.